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March 3, Friday, 14:30, Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas

 “TANYA. SUMMER. WINTER”, directed by Alexander Avilov, Russia, 2023, 80 min., 16+

Tatyana Seminyako learnt the language of the forest and the philosophy of hunting before she learnt to read and write. For centuries, ancestors of Tatyana and her husband lived on this land, relying on hunting and fishing. In early childhood Tanya was raised by her Khanty grandparents. Her mother and father lived and worked in the city, and she lived in the forest, on the hunting grounds. They taught her everything. In the forest you do everything yourself. You eat what you catch, you wear what you sew, you live in what you have built. This documentary is about Tanya and her family’s life.
 Director Aleksandr Avilov
 Scriptwriter Alexander Avilov 
 Photography Sergey Amirjanov 
 Sound Alexander Dudarev, Grigory Platonov 
 Music Andrey Antonets
 Editing Sergey Garkaviy 

 Born in 1972 in Leningrad. Graduated from the department of directing and film production of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts in 1997. Since 1993 worked as an assistant cameraman and assistant director at the St. Petersburg Documentary Studio. Completed a course in co-production and investigative journalism at the Baltic Media Center in Denmark in 1999. Since 1998 has worked as a director on the TV channels “Kultura”, “Rossia”, NTV, “Channel 5″ and others. He has made more than a hundred documentaries (including “Conservators of the Hermitage”, 2013, “Three Men and the Kilimanjaro”, 2014, “When Elephants Smile”, 2019) and TV programs, and has received numerous international film and TV awards.