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Russia establishes a film dialogue with India

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“The Spirit of Fire” became a starting point for large-scale cooperation between Indian and Russian filmmakers that includes co-productions, joint talent support and film distribution activities. These topics were discussed at several the festival business program events. This year India became the first country to be invited as the festival’s official guest.

“Russia has had long-standing friendly ties with India. This year, the organisers of “The Spirit of Fire” film festival had a goal to invite film industry and ethnic cinema experts with a view of developing cooperation and international partnerships. The intergovernmental agreement on film co-production will enable effective co-produced projects”, said Anton Kobyakov, advisor to the Russian President.

The Yugra Governor Natalia Komarova took part in the business program discussions about bringing together audiences of the two countries, laying the groundwork for future Russian-Indian films production and business opportunities for the two film industries interaction.

Natalia Komarova, Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra, remarked that the International Debut Film Festival “Spirit of Fire” is a world famous event. “We do everything possible to achieve maximum recognition. Also, we expand the region’s capabilities in film production. We are putting in place a support system for such projects and young talent development programs. Naturally, we study the experience of other countries and regions and put it into use, ans thus we move forward. This year we made an emphasis on the film dialogue with India, our guest country at the festival,” she said.

A discussion of prospects for co-production and experience exchange was part of the business program. The plenary session “Cinema of Tomorrow: Partnership Across Industries and Ethnocultural Diversity” was attended by Nitin Tej Ahuja, Chief Execututive Officer, Producers Guild of India, and Purpa Tsering, Cultural Attaché of the Indian Embassy in Russia. Jabbar Patel, President of Pune Film Festival, attended the session “Ethnic Cinema with an Arctic Flavour. A Modern Miracle”. The renowned film producer Vikramjit Roy and Pravesh Sahni, CEO of India Taka One, participated in the film dialogue “Russia – India. Where Mutual Interests Meet”.

“It is a great honour to thank the festival organisers and our new friends. Today, “The Spirit of Fire” festival extends its hospitality to those trying their hand in making a film for the first time. I believe that unique national traditions of Russia and India will contribute to mutually beneficial development of ethnic cinema as an important sector of the creative industries,” said Nitin Tej Ahuja, Chief Execututive Officer, Producers Guild of India.

“The festival business program provided us with an opportunity for a fruitful exchange of opinions on how to form an ecosystem for successful creative potential growth of young talents who highlight indigenous identities. “The Spirit of Fire” has become a new meeting point between the Russian and Indian film industries. Content co-development for both countries’ audience will promote intercultural collaboration,” said Vikramjit Roy, an independent development consultant with an expertise in building global cooperation.

The Roscongress Foundation is the communications partner of the XXI Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival.