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Yugra will get a unified base for the development of the film industry

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The regional television and radio company “Yugra” and the State National Film Company of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), “Sakhafilm”, signed a cooperation agreement aimed at developing the film industry. The agreement was signed in the presence of the Yugra Governor Natalya Komarova during the Spirit of Fire film festival.

According to the head of “Sakhafilm” Sardana Savvina, Yakutian cinema has a long history and has been represented at the Spirit of Fire for a long time now. “We are ready to share our experience, to tell how we produce films rooted in our culture. I know that Yugra is also very rich in traditional culture, so it would be very interesting to visualise all this in a film. Russia is a huge country, with many different peoples, so it is a unique opportunity to learn something about each other through film. Our regions have a lot of available content, we just need to film all of our stories. I think this is the beginning of our relations.”

The director of the “Yugra” radio and television company Alexey Elizarov emphasized that the broadcasting company was happy to take up the responsibility for developing the film industry in Yugra in partnership with “Sakhfilm” and “Lenfilm”.

“We will create a joint base for developing the film industry in Yugra, including services, logistics, locations, and equipment, with a view for the film industry in Yugra to develop on an expedited basis, and the radio and television company “Yugra” will be the main engine for development and the main platform for our creative teams both in the region and beyond,” said Alexey Elizarov.