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Born in 1944 in the town of Kem, USSR. Graduated from VGIK in film directing (1968, class of M.Romm). Director, scriptwriter, producer, professor. Published over 50 works on the theory of cinema; made 50 thematic TV-programs about cinema. Winner of national and international film festivals. Received the USSR State Award. People’s Artist of Russia. His filmography includes “The Stationmaster” (1972), “100 Days after Childhood” (1975), “Melodies of a White Night” (1976), “Lifeguard” (1980), “The Direct Heiress” (1981), “The Elect” (1982), “The Wild Pigeon” (1986), “ASSA” (1987), “Black Rose… Red Rose…” (1989), “A House under a Starry Sky” (1991), “The Gentle Age” (2000), “About Love” (2003), “2-ASSA-2” (2009), “Anna Karenina”, “Classmates” (2009), “Sneakers” (2016), “P.S. Ducky-Ducky-Ducky” (2020, short), etc. Founder and president of the “Spirit of Fire”.

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