Film director

Born in 1969 in Moscow. In 1993 he graduated from Moscow Institute of Transport (MIIT). Worked at TV as a director of programs and editor. Received the TEFI TV Awards for the documentary projects “The Living Pushkin” (2000) and “Kill Kennedy” (2004). Laureate of the Golden Eagle Film Award for the film “Upward Movement” (2017), which became one of the highest-grossing Russian film in history and give critics acclaimed. His new movie “Land of Legends” (2022) was a success at the Russian box office and won 4 Golden Eagle Awards. His filmography also includes “Shadowboxing 2: Revenge” (2007), “Dark World” (2010), “Metro” (2012), “Yolki 3” (2013), “Addicted. Happy Ending” (2022), etc.

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