Director of photography

She began her career in 1997 as a cameraman on a project about the space station “Mir”. Graduated from VGIK in 2004 (class of L.Kalashnikov). Since 2003 she has been working as a director of photography or director of photography of a second unit (stunt shots). In 2010 she took a master class at Vittorio Storaro ASC, AIC. In 2020 she got “TEFI. Chronicles of the Victory” award for the best cinematography in the film “Tankers” by K.Maximov. She has also worked as a director of photography for films and TV series “Dream Factory” (2004) by D.Astrakhan, “Nothing Has Happened” (2005, short) by M.Ozerenko, “Four Taxi Drivers and a Dog 2” (2006) by F.Popov, “Viking” (2006) and “Really Full Time, or Peculiarities of National Under Ice Fishing” (2007) by S.Mareev, “Forbidden Reality” (2009), “Ferrari Legend” (2020) and “The Psychic” (2023) by K.Maximov, “Peter the First. Testament” (2011), “The Soul of a Spy” (2014) and “About Love” (2017) by V.Bortko, “Ukraine on Fire” (2016, doc., executive producer Oliver Stone) by I. Lopatenok, “Devyataev” (2021) by T.Bekmambetov and S.Trofimov, “Complex of God” (2023) by F.Farkhshatova and other projects.

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