Film critic, screenwriter

Graduated from the Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music and from the department of criticism and theatre studies at the Lunacharsky Academy of Theatre Art. PhD of Arts. Merited Worker of Arts. Her works were published in the magazines “Film Art”, “Seance”, “Theater”, “Sovetsky Film”, “Sovetsky Ekran”, “Ogonyok”, in the newspapers “Izvestia”, “Vedomosti” and others. Was a reviewer for “Novaya Gazeta” (“Free Space”). Initiated and compiled the collection “The 90’s. The Cinema That We Lost”. She wrote the books “Super/Cinema” and “Shwartzman” about contemporary Russian animation. Wrote scripts for a number of documentaries including “Frida Against the Backdrop of Frida” for which she received the film award “Laurel”. Winner of the Mikhail Levitan Award and of the Film Press of Russia Award, of the “Golden Pen of Russia” award given by the Journalists’ Union of Russia; she was repeatedly named the best movie critic of the year receiving awards of the Guild of Film Scholars and Film Critics of Russia and of the film festival “Belye Stolby”.

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