Production designer

Born in 1973 in Kuibyshev, USSR. In 1996 he graduated from the Samara State Pedagogical University. Winner of national film awards Golden Eagle and Nika and of the National Award of Film Critics and Film Press “White Elephant” for the movie “The Horde” (2012) by A.Proshkin. He won his second Golden Eagle for “Anna Karenina: Vronsky’s Story” (2018) by K.Shakhnazarov. He won the “Silver Hugo” of the Chicago IFF for “Captain Volkonogov Escaped” (2021) by N.Merkulova & A.Chupov. Winner of the East-West: Golden Arch International Film Award for “North Wind” (2021) by R.Litvinova. He also is a production designer of films “Vsyo mogut koroli” (2008) by A.Chernyaev, “Monakhov Flying Away” (2008) by A.Dzyublo, “Kind People” (2009) and “A Game of Bridge” (2009) by A.Karelin, “Chinese Grandmother” (2009) and “White Moss” (2014) by V.Tumaev, “White Tiger” (2012), “In the Encirclement” (2012), “Anna Karenina” (2017) and “Khitrovka. The Sign of Four” (2023) all by K.Shakhnazarov, “Studio 17” (2013) by S.Sentsov, “The Secret of the Dark Room” (2014) by O.Belyaeva, “I Am a Dragon” (2015) by I.Dzhendubaev, “Road to Berlin” (2015) by S.Popov, “The Scythian” (2018) by R.Mosafir, “Leaving Afghanistan” (2019) and “Esau” (2019) by P.Lungin, “Wings Over Berlin” (2022) by K.Buslov, “Flying Ship” (2023) by I.Uchitel. 

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