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Petr Shepotinnik

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Chairman of the Selection Committee

Peter Shepotinnik is a director, a film critic, a TV presenter and a journalist. He graduated
from VGIK, the Film Studies Department. In the1970-80s he worked for the “Iskusstvo kino”
magazine. He appeared on TV for the first time in 1988 as a host and anchorman in Mark
Zakharov’s show “Film Serpentine”. From 1994 he has authored and hosted the TV program
“CinemaScope” (now broadcasted on the “Kultura” channel).
Mr. Shepotinnik has made many documentaries about filmmakers and artists (including
“Lyrics” about Andrey Voznesensky, “Chronicles” about Yuri Lyubimov, “German Has 122 to
85 Today” about Alexei German, “There Will Be No Other of Us” about Alexei Balabanov
and Sergei Bodrov Jr.) that received awards at Russian and international film festivals.
Peter Shepotinnik is a “Nika” award winner for “Khutsiev. Action Starts!” (2019). He is an
author of video adaptations of Oleg Menshikov’s plays “Woe from Wit” and “The Gamblers”.
He serves as a film consultant for the Venice Biennale.