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“Espozito” Duo and Friends

Дух огня




March 4, 18:00
“Yugra-Classic” organ hall
Tickets online https://ugraclassic.ru/tickets/#/event/2166

This concert is an event of cosmic dimensions – like the birth of a supernova!
Musicians whose creative search takes its roots in the Yugra have got together in order to bring to life their new ideas and flights of fancy. The synthesis of diverse instruments in this concert is truly extraordinary. It creates anticipation of a specific timbre and draws the audience’s attention to the exclusiveness of the musical content.

Dmitry Zhdanov is a saxophonist, teacher and founder of the outstanding project “Dolce Melody” (Moscow)

Alexey Peresidliy is a polystylist musician, composer of accordion music, founder of musical projects, art performances and writer (Khanty-Mansiysk)

Andrey Popov is an improviser and multi-instrumentalist. He is a skillful performer on the electric balalaika and has been promoting this instrument for more than 10 years (Khanty-Mansiysk)

These outstanding musicians, winners of Russian and international contests, come together to give us light, pure energy, a storm of emotions and an ocean of positive feelings!

The concert program features catching, expressive melodies that impress with the perfect balance of such complex instruments as the accordion, the saxophone and the electric balalaika and an outstanding musical performance culture. It is bright, lively, emphatic music for those who want to experience something new and discover the musical microcosm.

The program includes mostly works composed by the musicians themselves and their own improvisations on tunes by other composers.

The concert program:
А. Tsypkin, “Clouds”
А. Peresidliy, D. Zhdanov, “Red Impro”
D. Zhdanov ,”The Time”
S. Umebayashi, music from the film “In the Mood for Love”
А. Popov, D. Zhdanov, improvisation on “It’s Raining Outside”
А. Peresidliy, “Quasi ABBA”
C. Gardel ,”Por una cabeza”, music from the film “Scent of a Woman”
A. Peresidliy, “Passion”
А. Tsypkin, “Good Bye Lenin”
А. Tsypkin, “Rechenka”
D. Zhdanov, A. Peresidliy, “Dedication to Larry King”
А. Tsypkin, “Ode to Joy”
P. Ituralde, A. Tsypkin, “Microcosm”
А. Piazzolla, “Libertango”

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