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“Cultural mosaic» unfolds in Yugra

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Small towns and villages in Yugra will see more active development of culture, art, and education. This is the goal of the agreements signed by the district government, the Timchenko Foundation, and the Yugra Center for Civil and Social Initiatives Foundation. The agreements were signed by the Governor Natalya Komarova, the General Director of the Timchenko Foundation Maria Morozova and the Acting General Director of the Yugra Center for Civil and Social Initiatives Vitaly Andreev as part of the Spirit of Fire business program.

The cooperation focuses on creating conditions for socio-cultural development of Yugra small towns and villages. “Also, we plan co-expansion of pro bono activity aimed at promoting education, science, culture, art, enlightenment, and individual spiritual growth», said the Yugra Governor Natalia Komarova. 

According to Maria Morozova, the agreements will make it possible to introduce a model for sociocultural projects development in small territories of Yugra — the Cultural Mosaic of Small Towns and Villages competition. «Over the course of three years, in increments, the government of Yugra, the Centre for Civil Initiatives and the Timchenko Foundation will provide support the winner projects that will act as centres for socio-cultural development. We are sure it will yield tangible results: it will raise funds to support residents’ initiatives and will aid tourism development. New jobs will be created and sustainable partnerships between organizations, government and business will work towards strategic goals. We see the effect of the model working when put to responsible use, and we are confident that it will bring good results in Yugra as well,» said Maria Morozova.

It is planned to hold a contest “Cultural Mosaic of Small Towns and Villages» in the region this autumn. «Thanks to our new partners — the Timchenko Foundation — our Foundation will continue its successful development», said Vitaly Andreev. “We are planning to launch the Cultural Mosaic model of transforming small territories, customized for Yugra conditions, in a 2023 grant competition». He also reiterated that Yugra became the first territorial entity in Russia to launch regional open systematic support system for the non-profit sector (similar to the Presidential Grants Fund), with the Centre for Civil and Social Initiatives as its operator. More than 1,100 socially significant initiatives have already been implemented and the project is ongoing.  According to Vitaly Andreev, grants are allocated for areas of the greatest demand, the list is regularly updated. For instance, last year the Yugra Centre for Civil and Social Initiatives worked on #YugraMakeevka, with 17 projects among the winners of grants for the total amount of 7.3 million rubles. «The Autonomous District is among the top five members of the Russian Federation by the amount of federal support for the nonprofit sector».

The Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District became the fifth Russian region where the the Cultural Mosaic of Small Towns and Villages competition model will be implemented. The Timchenko Foundation is one of the country’s largest family-run charities that has been active in 80 regions of Russia since 2010. The Foundation also supports local small terrotory communities in two areas: Neighborhood Care and Child and Adolescent Development. The three target groups for the Foundation are vulnerable elderly people, families with children in difficult situations, and children and teenagers.