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Дух огня




 International Competition (President of the Jury – Boris Frumin):
 “Golden Taiga” – “A Fairy Tale for the Old” (directed by Roman Mikhailov and Fyodor Lavrov)
 “Silver Taiga” – “The Cathedral” (directed by Ricky D’Ambrose)
 “Bronze Taiga” – “Canel 54” (directed by Lucas Larriera)
 Russian Competition (President of the Jury – Aleksey Uchitel):
 Best Debut Prize – “The Edge” (directed by Alexei Lapin)
 Best Debut Short – “Triptych” (directed by Yana Osman)
 Silver Award for Short Film – “St.Petersburg, Florida” (directed by Osman Nabiev)
 Audience Choice Award – “Sinead O’Connor” (directed by Rinat Makhmudov)
 General Partner Award “For Preservation of Cultural Traditions” – “The Edge” (directed by Aleksey Lapin)
 Alexander Abdulov Best Actor Award – Oleg Savostyuk (“I am Going to Search”)
 Alexander Abdulov Best Actress Award – Elena Podkaminskaya (“Sinead O’Connor”).
 Pavel Lebeshev CinematographersGuild Award – Anton Gromov (“Another Name”).

 International Competition (President of the Jury – Boris Frumin):
 “Golden Taiga” – “Pebbles” (directed by P. S. Vinotraj)
 “Silver Taiga” – “Higit” (directed by Jon Lazam)
 “Bronze Taiga” – “Night of the Kings” (directed by Philippe Lacôte)
 Russian Competition (President of the Jury – Alexey Fedorchenko):
 Best Debut Award – “Asterrarium” (directed by Armen H’akopian and Dmitry Tarkhov)
 Best Debut Short – “Meetings. Episode 1″ (directed by Pavel Serdyukov)
 Silver Award for Short Film – “Love Thy Brother” (directed by Demid Romanov)
 Audience Choice Award – “The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow” (directed by Robert Deaf)
 General Partner Award “For Preservation of Cultural Traditions” – “Chupacabra” (directed by Grigoriy Kolomiytsev)
 President of the Jury Special Mention “Best Director” – Gabriela Selivanova (film “Nedo”)
 “Discovery of the Year” Diploma – Elizaveta Shultess (film “Nedo”)
 Alexander Abdulov Best Actor Award – Aleksey Guskov (“Asterrarium”).
 Alexander Abdulov Best Actress Award – Yuliya Aug (“Asterrarium”).
 Pavel Lebeshev Cinematographers Guild Award – Alexey Venzos (“Chupacabra”)


 International Competition (President of the Jury Anne Høj):
 “Golden Taiga” – “The Criminal Man” (directed by Dmitry Mamuliya)
 “Silver Taiga” – Bird Island (directed by 
 Sérgio Da Costa and Maya Kosa)
 “Bronze Taiga” – “Zumiriki” (directed by Oskar Alegria)

 Award for Preservation of Cultural Traditions – “Expedition” (directed by Gavril Menkyarov)
 Jury Special Mention Diploma – “The Twentieth Century” (directed by Matthew Rankin)

 Russian Competition:
 Best Debut Award – “Outlaw” (directed by Ksenia Ratushnaya)

 Best Short Film Debut – “Protocorba” (directed by Kirill Khachaturov).
 Short Film Silver Award – “Sunshine in the Hands” (directed by Yuri Krobachev)

 Guild of Film Historians and Film Critics Award – “Endless Night” (directed by Eloy Enciso)
 Audience Choice Award – “Expedition” (directed by Gavril Menkyarov)
 Special Opinion of the Directors Jury – “Get It Right” (directed by Igor Polevichko)

 Alexander Abdulov Best Actor Award – Denis  Kryukov (film “Study #2″).
 Alexander Abdulov Best Actress Award – Valeriya Repina (“Get It Right”).
 Pavel Lebeshev Cinematographers Guild Award – Gevorg Markosyan (“Outlaw”)