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Microfilm Competition

Spirit of fire


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The super short film competition has been an annual event at the festival for several years now.

 Entry requirements are kept to a minimum: the film should be no longer than three minutes and correspond to the festival current theme – “Indigenous Peoples of the World”. Films of any genre are accepted. Adult filmmakers submitted narrative films, music videos, documentaries and social cause advertisements for competition. The younger generation mastered such formats as fairy tales, animation films and social advertisements. 

 More than 40 films from Russia and Kazakhstan have been submitted for the competition. The best of them have been selected to take part in the finals. They will be posted on the Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival's Vkontakte page https://vk.com/ugrafest2023. Everyone is welcome to vote online from February 22 to March 1. Which film is the best, we'll find out at the festival opening ceremony.