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Media accreditation

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Accreditation of media representatives, bloggers and media volunteers for the Spirit of Fire”festival has started. It will last until March 20.

On March 23, 2024, the XXII International Film Debut Festival Spirit of Fire opens. Media representatives, bloggers and media volunteers can apply for accreditation until March 20, 2024.

Please read the rules of accreditation.

An accredited guest has the right:

  • to get free access to the places of holding the public event;

  • to get receive media packages and press releases;

  • to attend all events held at the film festival, with the exception of those that require separate invitations or registrations;

  • to make recordings on the territory of the event, including using audio and video equipment, filming and photography, except as provided by law and the Regulations on Accreditation;

  • to use the services of the film festival press center for free.

All submitted applications are reviewed by the festival management which reserves the right to refuse accreditation for valid reasons without explanation.

The number of people accredited on behalf of a company is limited. A decision is made by the Management on an individual basis for each application. There won’t be any additional calls for applications. 

In cases of damage, loss, theft or transfer to other persons, accreditation is not subject to renewal.

To get an accreditation, you must present an identity document. Also the basis for issuing an accreditation card to another person may be a power of attorney from the organization, drawn up and certified properly.

Receiving accreditation means that the visitor is familiar with the terms of the procedure for accreditation of journalists and the conditions for processing personal data. Please stay tuned for updates and relevant information.

Applications are accepted via the link.

See you at the international film debut festival “Spirit of Fire”!